sorry for the delay

every couple months i write a post like this haha — my life is generally pretty busy so alas it’s been difficult for me to post stuff on this blog on a regular basis but rest assured i’m working on the next film as i write this (Kurosawa’s “High & Low”)

anyway, in case you’re new here or just looking for some stuff to reblog or haven’t delved deep into my 500+ posts i should let you know i’ve tagged each film by their Criterion number (as well as title) in the order of their release. so for example if you want to see the first film in the CC you can type in:

and it goes on 02, 03, etc etc, 10, 11, etc, 17,18 etc all the way up to the last one i did: 23 (which was “Robocop”). so type in the url above with any number from 01-23 and you’ll find entries for each film in the Collection i’ve posted so far! (“A Night To Remember” only has a couple of posts because the dvd stopped working in my computer and its ok cuz that film was a lil boring anyway). give it a try! — there are a lot of posts that have next to no love and deserve to be seen. and who knows, perhaps you’ll find that special post that fits in perfectly with your blog’s aesthetic ;)

so yeah. about halfway through “High & Low” right now and will be posting shots from it shortly BUT i just figured i’d write this to let you guys know i’m still here doing this shit just doing it very slowly :) take care! xo